November 1, 2011

Stacy’s party started about the time MAWJ party was getting over so I left her school and drove to his.  They were just getting up from the nap so in the pics below they are not moving to quickly.  You will not see Stacy in any of the pics because he was not in a good mood.  He would have nothing to do with anyone but me and had to be carried the entire time.

Here is Franky, the only other boy in Stacy’s class.

Zora was a Peacock for Halloween.

From Left to Right- Lisa Fellows (owner of Daycare), Miss Kara (Stacy’s teacher) and Miss Dana (Stacy’s Nanny)

The Nurse is Miss Emiley Stacy’s other teacher.




Everyone was given a cupcake from Miss Kara as soon as they woke up and then we went from room to room telling everyone trick or treat.  As I was leaving Mr. Jones demanded he had to go with daddy so we went shopping for mommy’s Halloween present…..













November 1, 2011

First thing in the morning.  We were so excited to wear our costume to school today..


MAWJ class on the way back from the Pumpkin Toss.


MAWJ has made it through the day in her costume with no issues.





Look at those scary Frankenstein cup cakes Mommy made.   Yummy!!!

October 31, 2011

Sunday we stayed around the house and painted Pumpkins and watched the animals run around the house.


This is the before pic.


The During Pics




This is Stacy teaching us how to do the “Trace”.




October 31, 2011

This weekend Harper went to DFW to finish last minute projects for Meggie and Dutch’s wedding, so we decided to go see Tehya and PaPa John.  MAWJ is 6 and that is the year the Davis side of the Family’s long haired boys shot their first deer.  I love traditions and wanted to continue with this one so we were going to get a license for MAWJ and go kill us a 10 point  (A 10 point would be much bigger than mommy, Dad, Moogie and Boo’s first dear).  Well it was brought to my attention that she can not have a hunting license with out taking the Hunting Safety Course..  BLAHHHHHH!!!!!!  This sounds boring for an adult I can imagine how much fun this will be for a 6 year old.  Anyway…. Are some choice words and a conversation with Tehya we decided to go Hog Hunting instead.  MAWJ was good in the brush and stayed quit and close until the cold air caught up with her.  Once that happened she was done hunting and wanted to go home.  Below is the last conversation in the brush before we went home.

Dad: mawj what’s wrong?

MAWJ: I want to go home…..  I thought hunting would be fun.

Dad: Hunting is fun, didn’t you enjoy tracking those pigs with daddy?

MAWJ: Yes but I was bored more than I was having fun.

Dad: Shorty, that is going to happen.  You have to spend time finding them before you can start the hunting and tracking part you like so much.

MAWJ: Well I thought hunting was going to be Really, REally, REALLY fun.  Is wasn’t. Daddy I’m cold and bored and I want to go home and start having fun.

Here are some pics of the hunt.

The above Pic was before we left the house to start our hunting.

The below Pic is at the end of the day of hunting.

The Below pic is me turning the pigs into Dog Food…




October 24, 2011

Saturday MAWJ and I were home alone, so I decided to go to FiddleSticks.  Here is our day in a few pictures:




It was very hot and bright outside so most of the pics are washed out from the sun.  I have uploaded a video of her going down the huge slide.