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June 13, 2010

Ok it’s hot…. like really, really, HOT. The humidity of Southeast Texas on top of breeze-less days seems to stifle even the giddiest of spirits. This weekend we stayed in doors. Nursed sunburns, enjoyed iced tea, and the amazing invention known as AIR CONDITIONING.

Ooops.. after posting I realized that I’ve already added some previous posted photos to the collage! Oh well! Enjoy again!

Here are some other Summer Time Images to get your spirits into the season!!!!

May 31, 2010

A set of hands reveals a life’s story. The finger-locking of a brand new baby’s grasp, a first date engagement, a wedding band, the work and worry of a family, and the love that held it all.

Growing up I was taught to be proud of the hard calluses and work hard wrinkles. That each held a memory of where we are today.

This past weekend we traveled to celebrate a very special woman’s 80th birthday. To reach this monumental milestone is a tale in itself. The childhood that saw so much, the Marlboro Cowboy who stole her heart, and the children who flowered their lives.

As we gathered and stories were shared, laughs exchanged, memories reborn, ones forgotten remembered; I realized the strength in hands that seem to be worn. How these pair of hands have held a family grounded through thick and thin, love and loss, new and old; and how these hands will hold us for many, many more.

May 26, 2010

We’re back.

And we’re Grad-i-mi-cated from Pre-school. Sans teary reaction from Mom when she pranced, yes, PRANCED, down to hand me a flower; it was a cute dedication to the kiddos.

May 2, 2010

Havin’ so much fun!!!

So we’re here. For good. In Beaumont, TX… or Beautiful Mountain…(hint: there is no mountain)

Sun, Fun, Water, and the cutest baby cheeks!!

Summer begins

Summer No 3.

Summer No. 2

Summer No. 1


April 8, 2010

So our Easter was chocolate filled and romance filled!

I am EXCITED to announce that there will be a new family member!! My sister was blindsided by a ‘hawked’ proposal.

Welcome to our family DUTCH!!!

mohawk proposal


eggstra diva

bloomin blossom

walkin tall

Can you believe it???

We have a 17 month old… YES, 17 month old… who is just NOW walking??? Or, rather tetter tottering???

Doc said bones and development is fine. And suggested that his rather large melon be to blame….