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March 1, 2010

When you throw in 2 special boys + authentic New Orleans cajun cooked mudbugs + absolutely divine weather = one heck of a party.

Father and son were able to celebrate among TONS of family, friends, dino cake, ice cold beer, and an inflatable kid corral.

300+ photos were evidence that it was a great time or I had one too many coronas…

If I were to award Granparent emotion of the year, it would be to Tony. I love this picture!!!


With about 20+ kids attending; I was able to absorb and take in the multitudes of edible cheeks and thickly lashed doe eyes.

Lastly, our chunk met his match. I’m pretty sure the rockin’ tee intimated him. At the end we were well acquainted with each other’s drool dripping plugs. We’ve already decided that with the harem, (see lovely lashes above), that Braden has accumulated he’ll need a good wing man for when they wreck havoc at aTm. Either that or they’re destined to be USA’s next bobsled gold contenders… we’ll see ;-P

November 24, 2009

It was 8:29 am exactly one year ago.

My heart raced, my left leg was numb, my right side was not. Damn epidural. Why’d I sign up for this? Where the ‘F’ is the nurse?

Shae was there, holding my hand and talking about 2005. Wow, it was that long ago before I had done this… c’mon it’s engineered in us right?

Yes! Here she is. It’s uncomfortable; the pain, the numbness, the pressure. “Oh my! Yes ma’am you’re ready.” I look at Shae, “ready? Like right now?” Oh crap.

It is now 8:30.

A miracle happens.

Life begins at 8:31.

My chest is heavy, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10…. ten toes. Ten white, wrinkled, wet, glorious toes. He’s screaming, actually wailing. I’m laughing. I look at Shae and our eyes meet. “He’s all you,” I say. I then realize that I’m crying and still laughing.

Happy Birthday baby boy.

Does it matter that I’ll always have a stomach that resembles a shar-pei when sitting in any chair? Or a bladder control that hazes the line between ‘coughing’ and actually dribbling a bit. Breasts that resemble deflated birthday balloons; very, very, tiny birthday balloons.

No, what matters is that I wouldn’t even hesitate about my vanity or bodily function to do it all again. I might skip out on the additional midnight pint of ben & jerry’s but the actual growth of a human being, I would not.

Trace this past year I have graduated from college while managing two businesses, raising two kids, and maintaining a household. I have broken and set national records in powerlifting. I have bandaged and healed brotherly/sisterly war wounds. Overcome a deep personal battle with myself. Protected and reprioritize my family from outside pernicious individuals. And grieved a pet death. But, none, and nothing will ever compare, to the little people that I have made out of love. There will never be a amount of money, or world record, or business venture that will hold a candle to you and your sister. The satisfaction of actually visualizing the most amazing miracle that I had a hand in creating is the most awe-some experience that I hope all can share. I love you little boy and remember that ‘no one can make you feel inferior without your consent’.

Here is to your first year. Thank you for helping my heart grow.




September 16, 2009



After a few inquiries I’ve decided to dedicate a weekend off to mini sessions in Houston!!! Sessions will be held October 3rd and 4th in downtown.

What Mini-Sessions would include:

  • 1-2 hour shooting in selected Houston outdoor locale
  • minimum of 30 images
  • complete set of 4 x 6’s of all images from session
  • online gallery for viewing


Interested? email me at for more details!!!

September 7, 2009

Holiday Pictures



September is officially booked and October is almost there… To ensure delivery of your pictures for the 2009 holidays please book your session before mid November. Those who are interested in personal Dirvish Christmas cards please ensure session is booked by November 1st!! They’re going, and going, and soon will be all eaten!!!

Email Harper today for session details, packages, and dates today!

August 10, 2009

Welcome to the new site! After dissolving VSM Photography we decided a fresh face was needed for Whirling Dirvishes.

Here you will find access to your proofs, upcoming events, specials, and the blurbs of this Jones’ crew.