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November 1, 2011

Stacy’s party started about the time MAWJ party was getting over so I left her school and drove to his.  They were just getting up from the nap so in the pics below they are not moving to quickly.  You will not see Stacy in any of the pics because he was not in a good mood.  He would have nothing to do with anyone but me and had to be carried the entire time.

Here is Franky, the only other boy in Stacy’s class.

Zora was a Peacock for Halloween.

From Left to Right- Lisa Fellows (owner of Daycare), Miss Kara (Stacy’s teacher) and Miss Dana (Stacy’s Nanny)

The Nurse is Miss Emiley Stacy’s other teacher.




Everyone was given a cupcake from Miss Kara as soon as they woke up and then we went from room to room telling everyone trick or treat.  As I was leaving Mr. Jones demanded he had to go with daddy so we went shopping for mommy’s Halloween present…..













April 6, 2011

We’re sorry…. er… Not really…
We’re taking some much needed down time with Meg and Dutch!!!
In the city that we all love…


October 31, 2010

This is just the beginning… of a very wonderful Halloween. You know I’m obsessed, so prepare for an over the top lengthy slew of pictures. I took over 250 pictures…today….alone….

If you are family or a close friend then you know how I am around the holidays… I tend to become my old 6 year old self and whirl through the house on a contagious high.

We started it off with a bewitching breakfast which included:

  • Witch Brains (chocolate w/ chocolate chips pancakes)
  • Witch flesh dipped in demon blood (bacon dipped in chocolate sauce)
  • Sprinkled with a few sliced goblin noses (strawberries)

By the way, all you players in the Chocolate for Breakfast at Alta Luna this Christmas, be afraid….very afraid…. we’re practicing!

Then we baked our ground child bone bread (PapaRed’s Special Oatmeal Bread) and cleaned monster clothes for school next week.

Lunch brought fresh skeleton brains (home-made mac n’ cheese) and dinner was Monster butt (chuck roast) with goblin knuckles (carrots) and witch eyeballs (potatoes)! Talk about GGGOOOOODDDD!

EVERYONE gets into the occasion around here…whether they want too or not! 😉

Our ‘stone cold’ Medusa! Momma and Daddy were so relieved that ‘princess’ wasn’t mentioned once when deciding what we would be this Halloween!

Our Triceratops chowin’ down on a s’more at the Monster Mash the night before and then right after his nap….

Poor guy was a little over heated in his costume in this El Nino year weather. Momma should’ve consulted before she went off and bought you a sweatsuit!!!

I, at least, had the BEST time!

AND, I want to send a special thanks out to Shae for putting up with my crazy fanatic behavior around the last three months of the year. I love you hon and thank you for partaking!!!

Here’s to the HOLIDAYS of 2010!!!

I had to come back and edit because I noticed a NEW and VERY IMPORTANT family member!!! Spooky!!

I actually had several mothers offer to switch the candy for him!! Nope! He’s now a regular fixture around here in October!!

October 26, 2010

Outlet for stress

June 13, 2010

Ok it’s hot…. like really, really, HOT. The humidity of Southeast Texas on top of breeze-less days seems to stifle even the giddiest of spirits. This weekend we stayed in doors. Nursed sunburns, enjoyed iced tea, and the amazing invention known as AIR CONDITIONING.

Ooops.. after posting I realized that I’ve already added some previous posted photos to the collage! Oh well! Enjoy again!

Here are some other Summer Time Images to get your spirits into the season!!!!